June 27 - Arrival in Delhi

toyotaWe arrived in delhi with an AirFrance flight from Turin with a stop in Paris. Perfect flight, arrival on schedule at 10:15 pm local time (but for us, coming from Italy, the time was 3 hours 1/2 ahead, so we are not tired, for us is a quarter to seven pm). In the arrival hall there's a big sign reading "FRANCO GUADAGNI", high on the waiting crowd. Under the sign Mr. Karni Singh, our local tour operator, is waiting for us with a big smile, and outside the airport a wonderful Toyota is waiting for us too! Everything is perfect, the car is obviously A/C, and there's a driver, too: Gajju, Gajju32, polite, gentle, shiny black moustaches and hair.

The first impact, as always when travelling to this kind of countries, has been with the climate: Hot and humid, if you never tried it you can't imagine. In two minutes our clothes were stuck to our bodies, and it was evening.... Delhi traffic immediately swallows our car, chaotic more than a traffic can be, but Gajju is well trained to it and manages perfectly to bring us to our destination. It's the Singh Sons hotel, quite clean, a fair accomodation (nothing to be compared to the hotels we will visit in the next days, though!), But it's in a bad location in town. Really no problem: We only need to sleep, and tomorrow we'll start our journey. After re-organizing our luggage for the trip, we go to sleep without turning on the television..

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