A Moroccan Vacation

These web pages have been written to share pictures taken during a holiday in Morocco with my family. They are not about Morocco, nor they are a describing our holiday. While not being pages about the vacation itself, sometimes the pics need more than the short associated caption in order to be fully appreciated or even understood. In those cases, an introductory note or a footnote has been added to give a context to help better understand the pics.

The vacation lasted two weeks (Aug 23rd to Sep 4th 2004), and was made up by two different parts. On the first week we joined an organised tour getting us by bus around the northern part of Morocco to visit the five ancient capitals: Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, Rabat and Casablanca. The tour was rather crowdy (there were 47 of us in the bus, and everyone was Italian! You can imagine the noise even without any mandolino smile and had some pros and cons, but in the end it was worth the effort (and the money). On the second week we got our deserved rest on the Agadir beach, but I couldn't bear standing still for a whole week, so we also had a day out, on a rented car, thru the Atlas mountains, to see the sights around Agadir. In that occasion I had a 500 km drive touching Tafraout, Tiznit e having a chance to see the wonderful  beach near Massa (Massa is a small town in between Agadir and Tiznit).

What can you see in Morocco? The pictures try to answer this question. We've seen monuments, palaces, Mosques, visited different towns and places, watched landscapes, walked markets and Souks, entered shops enjoying the stunning colors and addicting flavours of the goods, spices, food which were on sale. Among the most striking views, at least to me, were the unbelievable moresque patterns and decorations embellishing palaces, walls, doors, fountains. Monuments and places is not all you want to see, if you like travelling there's a chance that you like also seeing different people living different lifestyles, sometimes working for jobs which have disappeared in our countries, and animals and plants we are not used to see.

We've also seen things looking a bit odd or peculiar to our eyes. The strange sight of the so called flying goats near Bjougra (a town between Agadir and Tafraout) or a strange outdoor artwork in the desertic countryside near Tafraoute, where rounded granitic boulders laying in a breathtaking landscape have been painted blue and red. Other interesting experiences have been the visit to a Berber village in the Ourika Valley, a visit to the tanneries in Fes (images can hardly reproduce the intense emotions given by such a dramatic sight). We've also taken part in an unprogrammed (the best kind of experience) "Fantasia" in Ben Gerir, and visited the pottery factories in Fes.

Being the image grouping criteria not chronological nor topological, but for broad categories, it may happen that the same pic has been put in two different pages. While I have tried to keep this to a minimum, the structure of the site did require some overlap. By clicking tumbnails you get the full resolution pics. Pictures are quite big (to a maximum of 2048 x 1536 pixels), so you can hardly see each of them all at once in your display, unless you set the right property (fit image to screen) of your browser (this is not possible with Internet Explorer 5.5, but this feature is available since 6.0 and in Mozilla browsers). My advice is anyway to see the Panoramic Views at full resolution, scrolling thru them, because otherwise their magic is lost.

I hope you enjoy the pics, and if you have any kind of comment, bug report on the site, request for info or simply wish to drop me a line telling your opinion on best and worst photos, you can do that by writing me at my private

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