On the road

Indian traffic rules (are there any?) are quite odd to us sometimes, and what happens along indian roads always strikes (not phisically, hopefully) western visitors.I believe it's not even possible for foreigners to privately rent a car without including a driver! Roaming the net I stumbled upon a funny decalogue for would-be indian drivers, written by Mr. Nimisha Mittal, and I asked him the permission to quote him, hope you'll enjoy the thing as much as I did. In this small gallery you'll find out how much indian vehicles can be loaded both with persons and with goods, incredible for us. People often travel on the bus climbing on its roof, and there'as a special fee for that accommodation!. A three-wheeler can carry as much as ten or more poeple, and the average number of people travelling on a motorcicle is 3.5 according to my personal experience, with peaks of five persons sharing a single motorcycle. The picture in the gallery shows a load of apparently three people, but there was a kid in one of the women's arms, unfortunately I wasn't able to catch the view. Another amazing sight is the trucks' decorations. In full harmony with indian taste for hypercoloured and a bit kitsch arrangements, they are lavishly decorated with paintings, laces, flags, tails and every other embellishment. The paintings on their back almost always have suggestions for people traveling behind them. One often accepted suggestion is to "BLOW HORN!", one less accepted one is "WAIT FOR SIDE"... The other shots show the crowds of people, animals, cars, bicycles, buses, carts, tuc-tucs, the normal street life in India. Most of the shots are done from aboard the running car, so their quality is less than acceptable, sorry...

01 Viaggiatori.jpg
Help yourself bus
02 Viaggiatrici.jpg
Colorful load
03 In auto - Passeggeri 'sul' pullmann!.jpg
Top class travel
04 In motocicletta.jpg
Motorcycle riding
05 Un carico umano.jpg
06 A spasso in tuctuc.jpg
Only seven?
07 Un carico di ... signore.jpg
Traveling ladies
08 Tuc tuc al lavoro.jpg
Tuc Tuc
09 Deshnoke - Tuc Tuc attende clienti fuori del tempio.jpg
Tuc Tuc
10 Camion carico.jpg
11 Un peso massimo per la strada.jpg
Heavy load
12 Che ci sara' li' sotto....jpg
13 ... Un camion, naturalmente!.jpg
Face view
14 Camion di ferramenta.jpg
Scrap iron load
15 Il sorpasso.jpg
20 Camion indiano davanti.jpg
22 Camion indiano col suo guidatore.jpg
Another one
23 Camion indiano retro.jpg
Back side
24 Horn please!.jpg
Truck back
25 Camion con bandierine.jpg
26 Camion indiano dietro.jpg
Painted back
27 Camion indiano col suo guidatore.jpg
A truck and its driver
30 Fermi al passaggio alivello.jpg
Railroad crossing
31 Camion al passaggio alivello.jpg
Railway crossing
32 Per la strada.jpg
Camel cart
33 Verso Khuri - Cammelli sulla strada nel deserto.jpg
Camel caravan
40 Mucca per la strada.jpg
Street scene
41 Mucche per la strada.jpg
Young bull
42 Per le strade della vecchia Delhi.jpg
From the rickshaw
43 Scena di strada.jpg
Street scene
44 Per la strada.jpg
Street scene
45 Scena di strada.jpg
Street scene
47 Scena di strada.jpg
Street scene
67 Vita in campagna.jpg
81 Statua di Shiva.jpg
Lord Shiva