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Welcome to my newly revamped (as of May 2012) Web site. Up to now I used to maintain this site basically to share two trips abroad I made in Morocco in 2004 and in India in 2008. I have to admit that thanks to Google's indexing my web pages about these two vacations are quite successful and I still get a few hits form around the world to see the photos I took during the trips.

Recently I decided to add other topics which I like and where I have material to share with people potentially interested in browsing it. The main part of the site is made up by pictures taken around the world, hiking Italian mountains and photographing Italian wild flowers. When I wrote this new part of the site I realised I could not make it mainaining the double language, so I wrote those in Italian only.

Nevertheless I also wish to maintain the old english web pages for the Morocco and India trips, and maybe in the future I'll update translating some other sections also, mainly for the trips section.

Up to now the pages which are fully available in english are the Morocco trip, the 2008 India trip, and the pages about this site (Map, Disclaimer, Technical info and Links)

Please if you happen to stop here for awhile take care to read the disclaimer page which is very important since I show picture taken around the globe and I may have unwilligly hurt someone's sensitivity. Please also leave a message if you have any comment to alert for errors or to send in comments and suggestions which are greatly appreciated.

I underline once more that also the flowers and mushrooms pictures page may be enjoyable if you avoid reading the italian blabla and just have a look to the pics. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for visiting.